Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Splattered! Records Update!

I haven't posted anything on here in quite some time now. Hopefully someone checks up on it once in a while!

Anyways, here's an update on my small label, SPLATTERED! RECORDS...

SPLAT-005- SPEEDWOLF- Denver666/Hell and Back EP
To be released within the next two months. First 100 on white vinyl, 200 black. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies. Die Hard editions will most likely come with stickers, obi strips, and other extra goodies...

SPLAT- 004- SPEEDWOLF- Bark at the Poon Demo (2nd edition)
This was a re-press of the original sold out demo by my band SPEEDWOLF. The second pressing is a Coors/Broncos themed released. First 93 copies come with the 2009 Broncos schedule. Find out when we will beat your team!

Down to the last few copies. There were 3 versions of this beast; A Japanese, Die Hard, and Regular. All Jap. versions are sold out from the band. Check Record Boy for more copies ( I think they're down to the last 20. Still have around 10 Die Hards and 10 Regulars available.

SPLAT- 002- SPEEEDWOLF-Bark at the Poon Demo (1st edition) SOLD OUT!

SPLAT- 001- DETHBOX- Oofda! EP 7"
Down to probably the last 20-30 copies. Killer Colorado powerviolence. Support!

I've got future plans for a SPLAT-006. Depending on how things go with another band I've started, we're hoping to have a 4 song demo cassette out in the next few months. The band name is still up in the air. It's definitely a "War Metal" styled band that borrow from the black and death metal sub genres. I'll be playing bass and singing.

Oh, and possibly a SPLAT- 007 will be in part with High Roller Records of Germany, as well as Planet Metal (Cris from SUPERCHRIST's label). This is expected for Summer of 2010. It should be the full length CD/LP release of SPEEDWOLF's first album.

Alright, that's it for now. Back to being a fucking nerd...



Thursday, October 8, 2009

Haven't put up anything in a long time. So here's a new poster design I'm printing for a show with Cannabis Corpse. 666.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Or should I say, Speed Update! Once again, I've got some more news regarding the band I'm in, SPEEDWOLF. We recorded about 6 songs (four originals and two covers) last week. They turned out sounding killer! We posted them on our myspace for everyone to check out if they're interested. Go HERE


Friday, June 5, 2009

New Sticker, Shirt Designs, and Videos!

Hails, Hells, and Death once again dudes.

Once again, I'm here to bother you with more news about my new band SPEEDWOLF. My insomnia increases with my sobriety, and photoshop isn't helping. But, with good cheer, I present our new sticker and shirt designs....

Thats right. I know what you're thinking. Is that a fucking wolf with a six pack of abs, superhero body, inverted crosses, and the phrase 'bark at the poon' on the bottom? Yes, it is. We're pressing about a 1,000 of these. They're fairly large, at 4.25 x 5.5".

These will be for sale in the next few weeks hopefully via paypal and other forms of sending a buck or two to me. We'll also be including these with our upcoming "Bark at the Poon" cassette to be unleashed this summer.

Thanks again to everyone that came to the show last night! Mike R. and I managed to kill preteniousness with fun! FUN 666!

Here's some YouTube videos that Richie's sister filmed on here camera. I'm still wondering my recorded interview explaining 'Bark at the Poon' went. Weird.

Oh man....
....and a Pentagram cover (poor)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have a serious compulsive record-buying problem. It's been diagnosed by other nerds and it's scary. Anyone that's ever been to my house will know that I have too much shit around. Cool thing though, it all deals with the same thing, METAL!

So, from time to time I like to post weird shit concerning my latest, and most coveted piece of wax (vinyl, dude.). Here's the most recent....

G.A.T.E.S is an incredible band from Japan. These are guys from Church of Misery, another fantastic band. Both forging the styles of doom, metal, stoner rock, and other quirky terms that describe the weediest of metals.

Anyways. GATES is doing the same thing that all bands draining my bank account are doing. They release super small pressings (usually 100) of random EPs and splits on a 7" format. Oh, and they can't just put out one version. There's an American, European, and Japan pressing with everything.

As you can see here....


....and all going for over $50 each on Ebay. No distros is America are getting copies of this, as far as I know. And all of the Japanese distros websites' are in fucking Japanese! What is a girl to do!?
Help me help you. Get me these records and I'll send you something in return.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Poster for the show we're playing with Bone Awl!

I just finished this design and I'm stoked. Should have it printed and up around Denver in a week or two. This summer I'll hopefully be doing a lot more.

Richard Serra. My Nigga.

I need to look like this when I'm making prints.

Check out this too.

Coolest Bar Ever.

Yup, I finally found it. Possibly the best bar in Colorado/the world. Thats right. I've discovered it. Wouldn't have been possibly without the help of Jake, Cris, and Jon (SPEEDWOLF members and affiliates). They grew up around the towns of Bailey, Sphinx Creek, and Pine, CO where this bar is. Last Saturday they decided to show me more of their home turf, and the coolest bar ever.

This is the road that leads up to the BUCKSNORT Saloon.

Awesome drive. This is the front of the bar.

...these are the walls that surround the valley that the bar is in.

The inside...

...and a cool view from the patio. It hangs over a river. Killer.

They brew their own beer called Antler Ale. The tap that serves this beer has a handle that's a real antler. The pitchers are huge, and it's constantly full of bikers. So I suggest if you want to feel like a miner, cowboy, or creepy hiking mountain drunk dude. Check it out!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Splattered! Records

So a few months ago I decided I wanted to start my own record label.

People in the Denver, CO area might have recognized the name I chose from a zine that Josh (Don Silencio) and I finished last year.  We had originally wanted to release tapes, CDs, and EPs with each issue of the zine, but a busy work schedule got in the way and here we are now still talking about issue #2 after a year and a half!

The first release was by a local Colorado band called Dethbox.  It features re-recordings of their demo tracks.  Titled "Offda!," it was their second release and was split between about five or six different labels.

Limited to 600, we screenprinted the first 40.  Black ink on ironed Coke boxes.  Seriously.

I'm really stoked on the finished product.  These kids shred some seriously blistering powerviolence in the vein of the originators (i.e. Charles Bronson, Infest, Capitalist Casualties, etc.).

Check out their music here...

Also, this cover should sell you on the godamn thing at first glance!  It was drawn by Zach, their singer.  Pushead worship.  I love it.

Get in touch if you'd like buy one.  It'll only cost you a few bucks + shipping.  This summer I'll hopefully have some more money and there'll be an EP and two tapes coming out.  Stay tuned dudes.