Friday, June 5, 2009

New Sticker, Shirt Designs, and Videos!

Hails, Hells, and Death once again dudes.

Once again, I'm here to bother you with more news about my new band SPEEDWOLF. My insomnia increases with my sobriety, and photoshop isn't helping. But, with good cheer, I present our new sticker and shirt designs....

Thats right. I know what you're thinking. Is that a fucking wolf with a six pack of abs, superhero body, inverted crosses, and the phrase 'bark at the poon' on the bottom? Yes, it is. We're pressing about a 1,000 of these. They're fairly large, at 4.25 x 5.5".

These will be for sale in the next few weeks hopefully via paypal and other forms of sending a buck or two to me. We'll also be including these with our upcoming "Bark at the Poon" cassette to be unleashed this summer.

Thanks again to everyone that came to the show last night! Mike R. and I managed to kill preteniousness with fun! FUN 666!

Here's some YouTube videos that Richie's sister filmed on here camera. I'm still wondering my recorded interview explaining 'Bark at the Poon' went. Weird.

Oh man....
....and a Pentagram cover (poor)