Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coolest Bar Ever.

Yup, I finally found it. Possibly the best bar in Colorado/the world. Thats right. I've discovered it. Wouldn't have been possibly without the help of Jake, Cris, and Jon (SPEEDWOLF members and affiliates). They grew up around the towns of Bailey, Sphinx Creek, and Pine, CO where this bar is. Last Saturday they decided to show me more of their home turf, and the coolest bar ever.

This is the road that leads up to the BUCKSNORT Saloon.

Awesome drive. This is the front of the bar.

...these are the walls that surround the valley that the bar is in.

The inside...

...and a cool view from the patio. It hangs over a river. Killer.

They brew their own beer called Antler Ale. The tap that serves this beer has a handle that's a real antler. The pitchers are huge, and it's constantly full of bikers. So I suggest if you want to feel like a miner, cowboy, or creepy hiking mountain drunk dude. Check it out!

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