Monday, May 18, 2009

Splattered! Records

So a few months ago I decided I wanted to start my own record label.

People in the Denver, CO area might have recognized the name I chose from a zine that Josh (Don Silencio) and I finished last year.  We had originally wanted to release tapes, CDs, and EPs with each issue of the zine, but a busy work schedule got in the way and here we are now still talking about issue #2 after a year and a half!

The first release was by a local Colorado band called Dethbox.  It features re-recordings of their demo tracks.  Titled "Offda!," it was their second release and was split between about five or six different labels.

Limited to 600, we screenprinted the first 40.  Black ink on ironed Coke boxes.  Seriously.

I'm really stoked on the finished product.  These kids shred some seriously blistering powerviolence in the vein of the originators (i.e. Charles Bronson, Infest, Capitalist Casualties, etc.).

Check out their music here...

Also, this cover should sell you on the godamn thing at first glance!  It was drawn by Zach, their singer.  Pushead worship.  I love it.

Get in touch if you'd like buy one.  It'll only cost you a few bucks + shipping.  This summer I'll hopefully have some more money and there'll be an EP and two tapes coming out.  Stay tuned dudes.

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Silencio said...

Due to his untimely demise from the offal that is humanity Silencio is ready for Splattered #2theshitissue(was there really a #1??)to commence as life amongst the mortals was nowhere near insulting and bitter enough to create such a zine until now! SPEEDWOLF will kill all of you bandana thrash queers dead 'nuff said!!